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Commodity Risk Management Group (CRMG) provides consulting and brokerage services to producers, handlers, and end-users of agricultural commodities as well as diversification tools to individual investors. CRMG is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and is a member of the National Futures Association. For decades,our team has championed the effort of assisting our clients to capture opportunity while minimizing risk.

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Our Services

Futures BrokerageFutures Brokerage

Supported by the strong reputation of Straits Financial, CRMG provides Futures, Options, and Spot Market Trading with the friendliness and agility of a growing company and service that is second to none.

Cross Market ChannelingFOUNDATIONS Grain Marketing

As a client in the Foundations program, you will work with one of our trained Grain Marketing Advisors in developing a cash grain marketing plan.

Market FinancingDairy & Livestock Margin Management

Dairy and livestock markets continue to make violent movements in their effort to balance world dynamics and domestic fundamentals.

Real Time Market UpdatesCORNERSTONE Marketing Plan

The Cornerstone Marketing Plan provides a Simple, Cost Defined, Plan which provides: Price Control, Peace of Mind, & Cash Flexibility.

Strategic AdvisoryStrategic Advisory

In today's world of volatility and uncertainty, business owners on and off the farm are increasingly aware of the risks they face.

Market InformationMarket Information

Commodity Risk Management Group values an informed client. We strive to keep you up to date on what’s happening and what’s important.

Presentations, Seminars, & ClassesPresentations, Seminars, & Classes

Among our staff are professional public speakers who are nationally recognized for bringing market education and information to groups throughout the country.

Commodity Risk ManagementManaged Futures

Commodity Risk Management Group constantly seeks to help our clients identify and capitalize on opportunities while minimizing risks.

Featured Video

There is a great risk that producers accept when taking on the challenge of feeding a hungry world. Most recognize that there are tools available to manage that risk, but are ill-informed or lack the education as to what all of these tools do, how they work, and how they can work for them.

CRMG has developed a video series to help bridge that gap. If you are seeking further information than what is provided here, please Contact Us and one of our experienced staff will follow up on your request.

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Published on Monday, November 4, 2019

It's not breaking news that the 2019 corn and soybean crop is behind schedule and wetter than usual.  Farmers are often finding their daily harvest capacity limited by their dryers.  Commercials are in a similar position, drying around the clock and still unable to keep up.  In a typical year very few beans are sent through a drying system whereas, this year that is not the cas...

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