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10/10/2016 - Could an October Surprise Jolt the Markets?

Despite expected record-breaking production estimates, without a big surprise, the Oct. 12 USDA WASDE report is projected to trigger relatively small market adjustments. “I think the market is pretty well priced at this point for both corn and soybeans, and it will take a major surprise on the production front for a major move,” says Larry Shonkwiler, of Advance Trading, in Bloomington, Ill. Don Roose, president of U.S. Commodities, holds a similar view. “I don’t expect it to move the...

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10/3/2016 - Market Outlook - Ask an Analyst

What is your commodity marketing philosophy? Every client has a different situation. We start with a look at their breakeven, farm logistics, cashflow needs, storage availability and harvest movement. We have a discussion about their objectives and what they want to accomplish in a given marketing year. Then we build a plan to help defend them and try to offset market risks. What distinguishes your consulting firm from others? We have a very strong presence on both dairy and row-crop sides....

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10/3/2016 - Lessons to learn from 2016’s summer markets

As one evaluates margins, the wild fluctuation in summer markets changed the outlook of many a dairyman. Stories of coming drought and the consequential lack of feed grains caused markets to climb substantially in the second quarter of the year. Corn prices rallied 85 cents from spring lows. Soybean meal shot up $150 per ton. Read the full article here.

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8/15/2016 - Can $3 Corn Hold?

Analysts consider the factors that could cause corn to make new lows. The weather market may be over for corn, but farmers may want to batten down their financial hatches in preparation for some very turbulent markets in the weeks ahead. How stormy could it get? Consider last week’s corn markets. “We came within a penny of the 2014 low of $3.18 that was set on September 30th of that year,” said Mike North of Commodity Risk Management Group, speaking on U.S. Farm Report with...

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5/10/2016 - May WASDE Report Numbers

USDA provided fuel to the fire of soybean bulls while confirming the dismay held by those watching corn and wheat prices. The biggest move was seen in US soybean ending stocks. Record projections on soybean crush and exports take the 2016/17 projected ending stocks to 305 million bushels. This was near the bottom of the range of estimates and 100 million bushels below the average guess. On this adjustment, world ending stocks are left at 68 MMT, slightly less than the  2013/14 marketing...

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