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5/9/2016 - Pre-Report Analyst Estimates - May WASDE

As we prepare for the release of the monthly supply and demand updates, below is how private analysts have weighed in: It comes as no surprise that soybeans will likely be the leader of tomorrow's action.  With recent volatility heightened and outside money flow entering our markets, a number of possible outcomes exist. However, at the heart of the conversation will be South American production as it relates to potential growth in US demand and the corresponding...

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5/2/2016 - A New Balance Sheet Awaits

Each year in the month of May, the USDA presents their inaugural supply and demand balance sheet for grains, cereal grains, oil seeds, and rice.  Beginning in the previous fall with their initial farmer surveys then continuing through the Winter Ag Outlook forum and concluding with spring farmer surveys, they have enough data to begin projecting the supply.  Ongoing monitoring of domestic and global macro-economic conditions, geopolitical happenings, and weather impacts help to shape...

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4/29/2016 - Price Limit Update

New price limits are listed below for the following agricultural commodities. Effective May 1st for trade date May 2nd. Thank You!

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4/27/2016 - Feed Prices Continue To Climb

Last week we highlighted the makings of a sudden surge in feed prices as corn and soybeans violated the top end of the range that has largely confined them since last harvest. That continued further as the week unfolded. The one story with any real impact has been the story about wetness in Argentina. The situation is such that ongoing wet harvest weather has kept producers from moving past the point of 20% harvested. Estimated losses due to wet weather are roughly 2-3...

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4/25/2016 - What Might a Spring Rally Look Like?

Is a spring rally already pushing back a bearish market? Some analysts think so, with prices rising for corn, soybeans and wheat. Others believe a rally is coming. Their advice for farmers is to be ready to sell instead of waiting for a better price. Read more here---

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