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4/11/2016 - USDA Report Significance

As we discuss the impact of monthly World Agriculture Supply & Demand Estimate (WASDE) reports, there are some that carry a great deal of weight. Others are hardly worth tuning into. Tomorrow, the USDA will release its April WASDE. This report is often characterized as one of those that carries little weight and lacks any real significance. Tomorrow is likely to carry the same tone. Essentially, we will be rehashing 2015/16 balance sheet in the wake of a...

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4/5/2016 - Good News In Perspective

While dairymen continue to search for good news, some showed up. Today's Global Dairy Trade auction was met with some bidding.  Cheese prices, the biggest winner in today's 161st event, were up 10.5% rebounding to $1.26/lb. Whole and Skim Milk Powder found some support and by volume were still the largest contributor to today's rebound. WMP was up 1.5% to $0.92/lb while SMP eked out a modest 0.1% increase to 78 cents/lb. Butter was the disappointment as...

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4/4/2016 - The USDA Said What?

As analysts prepared for the release of last Thursday's combination of Quarterly Grain Stocks and Planting Intentions Reports, no one guessed that the USDA would release such a bulky corn planting number or reduce spring wheat acres the way they did.  But that didn't stop USDA analysts from making such a move. Corn acreage grew to 93.6 million acres. That represents a 5.6 million acre increase over last years planted acreage and 3.6 million acres more than the...

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3/31/2016 - Quarterly Stocks & Prospective Plantings Report Numbers

Report numbers are listed below. Give us a call to work through the most appropriate strategy for you. 608-960-4771

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3/28/2016 - Short Covering In Play

With the Prospective Plantings report just around the corner, position squaring has been in full effect. Hedgers and speculators alike are analyzing the risk in their current position and taking action accordingly. To that end, large speculators have been moving away from the record large short position held previously into more neutral or slightly long positions  See Charts. Nowhere has that been more true than in the soy complex.  With the recent flooding in the south...

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