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1/25/2016 - HEAD TO HEAD: Bullish Potential

Question: The grain markets have been on a steady march lower since the last part of 2015 into the start of 2016. If you can, give our readers some hope by pointing out keys to watch for that could provide sales opportunities in the first quarter of the year.  Source: TopProducer-Online.com

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1/22/2016 - If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes!

Following the steep declines of November and December, dairy market followers have been looking for a turnaround in milk prices.  Producers celebrated the brief run in butter prices that led Class III and IV prices higher.  However, that came to an abrupt end this week as news of a move towards allowing a Certificate of Analysis (ahttp://feedstuffs.com/story-chicago-mercantile-exchange-changes-butter-trading-standards-172-136465) in lieu of a a USDA grade on CME spot traded butter hit...

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1/22/2016 - The Crude Reality Of The Market

For a number of months we have been asked the question, is this the bottom in crude oil?  No one has been able to answer that question definitively amid all of the uncertainty swirling around the market.  The world equity market contagion that has caught global stock markets by storm in recent weeks has spared no prisoners, energy markets among the casualties.  Since Christmas, the Dow Jones Industrials Index has peeled back nearly 2,000 points while crude oil has tumbled $14/...

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1/19/2016 - Rally Opportunity...Time To Take Action!

For several weeks we have talked about some of the pieces in place to help give the market a small rally opportunity.  The lower world ending stocks numbers in last weeks USDA WASDE release have given aid to the cause.  Large short positions could certainly help.  Slow movement of old crop supplies to ports in South America have also helped.  Regardless of the story, there has been ongoing cause to both hope and make a case for a small rally.  A small rally is upon us....

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1/12/2016 - January WASDE Report Numbers

The most notable element of today's report was the reduction in world ending stocks.  Corn and soybeans each fell approximately 3 MMT short of the average guess.  This was compounded by falling yield and acreage numbers.  Corn fell 0.9 bpa and caused a 53 million bu drop in corn production.  Soybeans lost both harvested acres (600,000) and yield (0.3) to create a 51 million bushel production shortfall.  Both quarterly stocks and ending stocks of corn and soybeans...

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