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Grains results for All Months from All Years

Acreage Estimates.. Now What?

Published on Monday, April 3, 2017

In the wake of Friday's report, prices are following the path that most would consider as obvious.  With 90 million acres of corn in production (4 million acres fewer than 2016), a trend line yield of 170.7 and 9% abandonment leaves us with an estimated crop of 13.98 Billion bushels. That is 640 million less than last year.  So for the moment, everyone has developed a bullish o...

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USDA Releases Prospective Plantings & Grain Stocks Reports

Published on Friday, March 31, 2017

The USDA released their Quarterly Grain Stocks and Planting Intentions report today.  The results were as follows: Corn: Plantings of 90 Million Acres vs. the average analyst pre-report estimate of 91 Million and 4 million less than 2016 Stocks of 8.62 Billion vs. the average analyst pre-report estimate of 8.534 Billion, a 10% increase from March 2016 Soybeans: Plantings of ...

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Quarterly Stocks & Planting Intentions Reports

Published on Monday, March 27, 2017

This Friday at 11:00 Central Time, the USDA will inform the world of their estimate of planted acreage for 21 different crops as intended by farmers in the United States.  The estimates are built on surveys that were issued during the first two weeks of March and includes a sampling of nearly 90,000 producers that were contacted via  mail, Internet, telephone, or pers...

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South American Production

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

It will only be a matter of weeks before the USDA begins releasing the Weekly Crop Conditions report that monitors speed of planting, germination, development, and quality.  These reports are a leading indicator of the potential yield that any given crop can achieve.  While they are not absolute in their outcome, they give us a look inside the box so to speak about what to expect.  ...

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Time to Fuel Up for Spring and Fall?

Published on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nowadays, much of our focus on energy savings is in light bulbs, equipment, or efficiency.  However, the area of focus for us is in the markets.  For anyone looking to book diesel fuel, the action in markets over the last week has opened some doors.  Spot markets have given up nearly all of the "Trump Bump" and returned to an 8 month trend line.  See April Diesel Chart. Beyond...

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